Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Update - Comping - Weight Watchers

Just a little update for you all as I've deserted my blog recently as work and life just got a little crazy. I'm off work at the moment because munchkin has got chickenpox but he is dealing with it well and hasn't grumbled once! He has had the iPad constantly in his hands and if I'm honest I don't really mind. He is hardly ever ill so I thought why not!

Anyway!! Since losing weight for our wedding in 2015.....I' basically I've put loads back on. Its completely my fault as we have enjoyed eating out loads and I started a job where I start work before lunch time and finish at 4pm although we can eat on the go I've been grabbing Fatty foods like Chocolate bars, Crisps etc
So I've decided that I'm going to start doing Weight Watchers again but due to us saving to buy a house I'm not going to pay to go to the meetings or do it online. I'm just going to base it on what I know about the old pro point system as I know its changed to smart points. I've dug out my old WW books and I'm starting on Monday when I'm hoping munchkin will be going back to school. This will give me enough time to get the food shopping that I need

I've also taken up comping since being off and so far we have won some slogan t-shirts
~ for me and munchkin, soup and soup mug, rugby shirt, goodie bags and more. I just enter them in the evenings when hubs and I are sat down watching tv.
If you are also a comper let me know!

Speak soon!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Meeting Santa at Hamleys

Today we got invited to See Santa at Hamleys toy shop in Cardiff.
We were greeted at the front of the store by a few energetic elves and the excitement began. Each child was given a sticker with their name on it. We were then walked to the back of the store while singing 'Rudolf the red nose reindeer'. We arrived at the back of the store and all opened the doors by shouting 'Hamleys'.

We entered the room and it was beautifully decorated with lots of attention to detail. The children had a place at the table and got cracking on decorating some Christmas biscuits that Mrs Claws had made. Shortly after this The big man himself entered who was an amazing Santa and interacted with the children really well.

The children got to sit and listen to Santa read them a story they also got to play games with Santa. I have to admit every time we have gone elsewhere to see Santa its been the serious santas....but fair play this one was messing around and making the children laugh and getting involved in the games etc which was lovely to see.
The children were then split into two groups. One group sat and wrote their Christmas list and the others got to meet Santa individually then the groups swapped. Before long it was time to say bye to Santa.
Each child was given a balloon and a bag from Santa. The bag contained a teddy with 'I met Father Christmas at Hamleys' on his tshirt, a big bar of chocolate, A book and a Xmas tree decoration. The whole experience lasted about 40 mins. 
We have only ever taken Munchkin to see school Santa and haven't ever paid out for and experience because friends have paid £7+ at local garden centres and come away with a toy from the £1 shop and all they get was 2 mins for a photo and a quick photo.

Before visiting today I probably wouldn't have paid the £19.99 but having experienced it today I would most certainly do it again. Granted if you have more than one child it can get pricey but if you are looking for a good, fun experience then this is the one. Hamleys ask that only one adult accompany each child due to the room not being very big.

You have to book your space so to do so check out the Hamleys website for more info.

We got invited to Hamleys to experience this in exchange for an honest review.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Law of Attraction and life update

Over the past few months I'm not gonna lie....blogging took a very back seat. Life just got very busy.
We had out dream holiday to Disney World to celebrate our honeymoon and milestone Birthdays. It was such a magical holiday and one that we will always remember.

Then we hit the ground running when we got home, Straight back to work and school. Things got a little crazy between work and personal life and everything seemed to be getting me down. I needed to make a change to improve how I dealt with things and situations.

I happened to watch a youtube video by Emma Mumford on law of attraction and remembered that I had purchased the books 'The Secret' and 'The Magic' before going away on holiday. I had read 'The secret' and decided to start putting the practices in 'The magic' into play.
If you don't know about the law of attraction or 'The Secret' books then I would strongly advise that you read up on them and even purchase them (Please let me know if you would like more blog posts on the law of attraction).

Anyways! Emma referred in her video to someone called Tony Robbins.....This may seem a little dull but I didn't have a clue who this dude was, So I put his name into youtube and I was amazed!! This guy is a total legend. I was mesmerised by him and his words. Go and type his name into YouTube if you don't know who he is!.

So the law of attraction is all about positive thoughts attracting positive things into your life and like attracting like. Go and read up on it will thank me.

Ive only been practising this for about 2 weeks and so much has changed. I already feel happier and able to manage situations much easier and have manifested things that have surprised me.

I challenge you to just give it a go and read about the law of attraction.


Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts coming up

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Charity shop haul! bargin buys!

Long time no blog! I know, I know! Life has just got a bit busy and I've been doing overtime in work too!
When I was younger I used to be puzzled as to why my mum never really seemed to by many clothes for herself, She would wear the same 'comfy' shoes and probably only had a handful of trousers and a dozen tops. Since losing her and becoming a mum myself I have literally turned into my mum!
My husband constantly says 'Babe why don't you go and get yourself some more clothes?' because he knows how much I say 'I haven't got anything to wear'. When I say this I'm not even over exaggerating! I literally had about 2-3 pair of jeans, 7 tops, 3 jumpers, gym outfit and my work clothes. I hate paying a lot for clothes and I would much rather buy munchkin or Hubby some clothes.

I got to watching youtube about bootsale pick ups and noticed how lots of people manage to pick up some good items of clothing from charity shops so I decided that I would pop into the charity shops in my town as there are 6 of them. I managed to pick up a pair of ladies jeans from next in amazing condition that were just £2.50 and a pair of white linen trousers for £2. I got home and loved these two items and I didn't feel guilty for buying them what so ever.
I proudly showed my hubby my purchases and he smiled and said well at least we are halfway to you buying yourself clothing.

Over the past week I popped into a few of the charity shops and thought I would do a little haul to show you what I bought! 

 There are a few of the charity shops that do charge a fair bit for their clothing items and then on the other hand there is another charity shop where all trousers/jeans are buy one get one free! and all

of the tops are 99p. Bargin!!

The Jeans on the right have little rips in them and don't look like they have been work very much if at all! They were £2.

The navy shorts I picked up because I like a slightly longer length short and with the warm weather promised I wanted to have some for that and for holidays.

The jeans on the left are skinny jeans from TU which I believe is Sainsburys?? again other than being a little creased they look like have hardly been worn.
I got these jeans and the shorts for 99p as they were buy one get one free!

The pink top I loved because I think its quite flattering and its longer in the back too. Its a fort chiffon type fabric. It a size bigger than what I needed but seen as I'm bigger up top I thought it would be fine. This top cost £3 

A few days ago I also picked up a blazer which I'm completely in love with! I saw this in the shops when it was full price and never picked it up because I couldn't justify paying that price so when I saw it in the charity shop for £1.99 I knew I just had to get it!

Jeans (rips) - £2
Jeans (skinny) - £1
Shorts - FREE
Top - £3
Blazer - £1.99

Total £7.99

Total bargin!!! Are you a charity shop fan? let me know your best buys!
Give charity shops a go! you can get some fab finds!!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Organ donation, Why??

When I was about 14 I remember going onto the internet and typing in 'Organ donation' . I remember wanting to know more about it. I approached my Mum and told her that I wanted to become an organ donor, She looked at me as if I had gone crazy and said 'Ok love!' I guess she kinda just shrugged it off. As soon as I could I got on line and registered as an organ donor. My card arrived and I remember feeling quite proud and as though even just registering as an organ donor was sense of achievement!

I remember my Mum coming into my room and saying 'Love.....Is this something you are sure you want to do? I wont be doing it!' 'Yes of course' I replied. Mum then said 'Please don't let them take your heart or your eyes'. I told my Mum the same thing that I tell people today, which is this...

What good are my organs to me when I'm gone? Would it help the healing process for my family if I kept my organs? I think not! What may help the healing process is to know that my organs went to people who needed those organs to survive and continue to be able to live happy healthy lives!
Mum nodded, smiled and left my room.
A week later Mum approached me with a huge smile on her face, 'Ive got something to show you' she said. As I sat with her she placed a card in my hand, When I looked it was a donor card for herself and she had ticket the 'Donate all' box. I was amazed! She told me she had thought about my choice to become and organ donor and how I explained it to her. She said she felt as though not being an organ donor felt almost selfish.

Most people get freaked out buy organ donation and more so donating corneas (part of the eye). There is a massive shortage of cornea donation in the UK! The reason I choose to opt in to donate my corneas is the same as all my other organs....they wont be any use to me. But someone could be able to see their new born baby clearly for the first time or be able to look in to their partners eyes clearly as they say their vows on their wedding day.

Ask yourself this!
If your Partner, Child, Mother, Brother, Sister etc had an accident or became ill and needed an organ to live, Would you expect/hope for there to be an organ available? I know I would!
How would you feel sitting by your loved ones bedside just waiting for an organ to become available knowing that someone somewhere just refused to become and organ donor because they 'don't like the thought of it'?
I feel very strongly that if you expect to receive, Its only fair that you are willing to give.
If everyone in the world refused to become an organ donor or to give blood then a hell of a lot of people would be dying but yet it everyone became a donor then just think how many more lives can be changed.

Know that someone somewhere who chose to opt in just saved a little girls life, Or allowed a woman to continue her dream of living to be a dancer or a Father who can now play football with his children.
People in this country get so cross when food goes to waste 'That could have been given to the homeless man who needs it!' Same goes for organs in my opinion.

My Mum passed away suddenly in 2007 and due to having the discussion that I did with her, her organs were able to be donated in order to save lives of others.

Recently near my home town there was an tragic incident in which a Father and his young son were knocked over and sadly passed away. The wife and Mother Anna Louise Bates Made the decision to continue with her husband and sons wishes to donate their organs organs. Ive heard people discuss this 'How could she do that?' Let me tell you that woman has gone through hell and she made the selfless decision to donate her son and husbands organs in order for others to survive. It doesn't change the fact that she loved them more than anyone can know it means that she was able to create hope for others!
Believe Organ Donor Support

Anna has now gone on to set up a charity Called 'Believe' which aims to promote and support organ donation across wales and Beyond.
  Here is a link to the Believe site:-
To Anna if you happen to be reading this I wish you all the luck in the world with the charity, your boys are so proud of you I'm sure! Try to stay strong though the hard times and know that what you are doing is saving lives.

I am not part of the Believe Charity nor do I work for any other organ donation organisation and I have not been asked by anyone to write this post. These are my own thoughts and feelings on organ donation. I feel very passionate about organ donation and even if this post encourages just one person to change their opt out decision or to be able to have the discussion with their family then I will be happy.

Organ donation Wales:- /
Organ donation NHS:-

Monday, 4 April 2016

Blokpod block sorter review

Recently I got the chance to review a product that I knew would make my life easier!
The product is the Blokpod which is a sorting/storage device.

So this is the Blokpod. It has a transparent tub with a twist lock lid inside, There are three tier grids, each one with squares of different sizes. Each of the sections also has a twist lock so you are able to separate the four sections.
The unit its self is really sturdy, Which lets face it....its a must when kids are playing with something!

The Blokpod is ideal for blocks such as Lego. As soon as I think I can sit down with a cuppa munchkin shouts 'Mummy!?!?!?!?! where is that bit I need?'. 90% of the time the piece he wants is the tiniest itsy bitsy piece that you can guarantee will be transparent ad will take me until my tea is cold to find.

With this clever little invention I can pour all of his blocks in, Give it a shake and BAM! All of the tiny bits you currently spend all morning looking for have been sifted through the grids and are sitting neatly in the bottom compartment.
Likewise all of the larger pieces are at the top, medium in the next compartment down, then the small, then the tiny ones in the bottom! Genius!!
Not only do I find this amazing for sorting blocks its a really neat way to store the blocks!

One morning this week when munchkin was playing with his playmobil the familiar sound of 'Mummy!?!?, where is the tiny knifes and forks and flowers from my playmobil?' As my eyes roll and I place my tea down on the worktop, I remembered the Blokpod. Ooooo I wonder????
I poured in the lot, give it a shake! YES!! It works, its not just for blocks!!
This product gets a BIG thumbs up from me!
Find your Blokpod now on Amazon!

I was sent this item in exchange for an honest review. I do not work for or represent the company.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Easter craft ideas Baker Ross

So one of my favourite times of year is approaching and its hard not to realise it with all the shops fully stocked with Easter eggs, Easter bonnets and Easter decor.
Sunday is our Funday! So we thought we would crack on with these crafts.
We received our lovely Easter box from Baker Ross.

The first thing we got were the Easter foam stampers. The pack contains bunnies, chick, Egg, daffodil, butterfly, Lamb and more! These are fab quality and can be found here
The stamping pad I used is also from baker Ross but some of the Easter stampers were too large but with a wiggle and a jiggle you can get the paint on them.
Find it here...

The second this we got was these lovely mess free Easter decorations! There are 5 per pack and Munchkin had great fun colouring his in. 
Then peal back the sticky part on the belly, open it up so that it sticks to the other side and you have the lovely Honeycomb effect!
Find them here!

Munchkin is going through a phase of loving any foam peel back stickers so not only are these perfect they come in a pack of 120. They are all in spring theme.
Find them here...

We are so excited to receive this next product! The Pack came with 10 Easter egg shapes
Basically you peel back the yellow part to reveal a sticky part which you can pour colour sand or glitter on top of. Then go ahead and peel off another part and pour on a different colour! It works really well and gives a lovely effect when its all finished!
For this I used the colour sand.
Find it here

Easter buddy bucket kits! These are so cute! There are 3 in a pack (Bunny, Lamb and Chick)
These are the peel off foam too!
Find them here

We also got these lovely chick eggs which are fab for putting chocolates inside and hiding ready for your Easter egg hunt! 
Also we got the bouncy eggs you can see in the picture! 
Munchkin loved bouncing these around our kitchen!
Find them here

Check our the rest of their lovely Easter Range! Get crafting with your children!
All the views in this blog post are my own. I have not been paid to write this review/post. I do not work for Baker Ross. I received this Package from the lovely people at baker Ross in exchange for and honest review.
Thanks for reading!