Thursday, 2 July 2015

Car boot sales! My top 10 tips

Evening all,
As many of you would have read in my recent blog post we are short on money and I've been trying to make as much money as we possibly can.
So my alarm was set and the boxes were ready to load into the car for an early morning car boot sale.
I'd managed to smuggle some toys away from munchkin as he has way to many that he doesn't play with and my inlaws had given me some bits and bobs of theirs to get rid of.

Soooo.....perching your bum inside your open yet uncomfortable car boot while in a muddy field, with bitter winds at 7 am in the morning isn't my idea of a lazy Sunday morning but hey! Somethings gotta give if we are gonna get some money.
My plan was to keep low prices to sell more! My dad came and had a cuppa with me and to my surprise hubs-2-b brought munchkin up for a walk and to see all the toys I'd secretly robbed from him his mummy!

Munchkin found it amazing to be able to wander around in the boot of the car and put people's money in our cash box (he's convinced that the money is for Butlins).

Anyways lots of things amazes me at what people will buy at boot sales. It is defiantly true that 'one mans junk is another mans treasure'. When sorting through the garage I'd found a cutlery tray that didn't fit in our draw in out new house. The woman gave me £1 for it and all I could thing could probably get a brand new one in the pound shop! But she was happy...and so was I.

We found ourselves drooling over all of the passersby with huge burgers and hot dogs....a handful of times I nearly gave into the temptation of a dirty treat but kept thinking of the money.

The joyful time came for me to pack up and go home (Yey!) couldn't wait to warm up and have a nice cuppa.
After getting home munchkin hindered helped while I counted my money. After taking out the cost of the pitch (£5) and my float for the cash tin (£20) we actually earned £120 which I'm really pleased about because when my alarm went off I was considering hitting the snooze button and going back to sleep! So I'm glad that I dragged myself out of bed.

I would really recommend doing a boot sale to get rid of items while earning some cash. Here are my 10 top tips!

1) Do your research into good boot sales in your area
2) Box up items in advance and stick prices on them
3) Take plenty of carrier bags
4) Take a cash float of change
5) wrap up warm or take sun cream depending on the weather
6) Take a flask and some food so that your not temped to spend your earnings on the burger van
7) Take a sturdy table. Papering tables are good but use something to support the middle underneath
8) Be prepared for's a boot's gonna happen
9) If you're going for a walk don't take too much money, that way you can't be tempted to buy loads.
10) Make sure all disks, CD's, games & DVD are in their boxes.

I'd be interested to know all your thoughts, feelings and experiences with car boot sales.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mummy guilt!

So the time has come for me to find a job! Since having munchkin ive been lucky enough to be a stay at home mum and to be honest with you ive loved it every single second! I love being there to get up with him every day, get him ready for school, pick him up from school etc. I would be more than happy to continue being a stay at home Mum but with andy changing jobs there just isnt enough income coming in.
Due to not having my mum around and my dad not really being a hands on Grandad we really dont have any close family around. Andys parents live about and hour and half away and we see them once a fortnight.

Basically we need the money and I came to the decision that I need to get a job that gives me schools holidays free because ive got no one to have munchkin. Luckly I have a diploma in childcare and education so im hoping to get into a teaching assistant role. Ive started applying for jobs ready to start in September, So fingers crossed!
Im going to have to put Munchkin into breakfast club before school and an after school club just until I can get from the school im working in to munchkins school. It really kills me to think that im going from him being in nursery 2.5 hours a day (mon - fri) to not only him going into fulltime school but breakfast clubs and after school clubs too! It makes me tear up just thinking about it! Am I being a bad Mum? If not then why do i feel like one!

Since I started looking for jobs it made me realise that its so hard for parents who have children and would like to go back to work without much support around them. Cant someone create a job roll for mums that starts after school drop off and ends in time to collect at the end of the school day! Nope! no such thing!

Its never really bothered me not being a career person, im much more content being a Mummy! Do you juggle work and being a Mum? I would love to hear how you do it with childcare etc
Why do I feel so much guilt!!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chemist direct review and haul

Just over a week ago I was contacted by the lovely people at chemist direct to purchase some items from their website in return for an honest review.
Chemist direct sell loads of items from toiletries to suncream, medications and everything in between! 
Their website is very easy to use and I was so surprised at how much variety is on their website!
I got an email confirmation when I ordered and a day or so later I got and email saying my order was dispatched! So quickly! Before I knew it I was signing for my parcel within less than a week of placing an order! 
Will I order again! Yep! Defo!
Click the link below to get £5 off your order!
Note:- I was not paid to do this review
So here is what I decided to purchase!
Find more details on my youtube haul video of my purchases here

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wedding planning update

Wow, this wedding is coming around so quickly! I thought I would write a blog post and update you all on my wedding planning progress.
I would be lying right now if I said I wasn't a tad bit stressed regarding the wedding. There are loads of questions that I need to ask my suppliers, choices we have to make like food, music etc etc
When me and Andy first got engaged I knew exactly what I wanted!.....a lace dress, lace decor, very vintage meets shabby chic! It's safe to say that it's developed into the complete opposite!
It all started because I must have tried on about 15 lace dresses that were totally amazing on the hanger but as soon as I put them on they just did nothing for me or my body shape and if I'm honest all the lace ones sort of moulded into the same thing in my mind.
The wedding dress that I ended up going for I only picked out to try on because I hated it and the girl in the shop asked me to try something out of my comfort zone. My friend kept begging me not to try it on but I went ahead and put it on.....I came out from behind the curtain and my friends jaw dropped! She fell in love with it and so did I.
I have most of my accessories, I never have been shoe crazy but I'm completely I love with my wedding shoes! The boys have been measured for their suits and I can't wait to see them on the day!
We are meeting with the venue to make food/drink choices this month and the bridesmaid dresses are coming in at the end of the month.
I still have to make an appointment for our hair and makeup trial and I'm working my butt off to get down to my goal weight before I get my dress fitting at the beginning of next month.
I want to change the design of the wedding cake as we booked it before I got my dress and it's got quite a vintage lace feel so I want to change this. We have also met with our registrar and choosen our vows etc.
Last week I took some of my mum and Nan's broken gold and odd earrings to one of the cash for gold places. I wanted to do this because my mum and my nan have passed away and I wanted to use this cash to buy my wedding ring so essentially it's like they are buying it for me. So the guy offered me £170, I was over the moon with that and took the money straight to buy my wedding ring!
It's all happening rather quickly now and I've gotta admit I am rather excited too. After our big day I will be posting pics and details about our day and how to do some of the DIY projects that I did for the wedding.
catch up with you soon 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Are you fabulous?!? #fabme3

This morning I thought I would play a youtube video to listen to while doing my make up. I started looking at parent blogger videos and saw one titled something like 'Im fabulous because...' The video was clips of Mummy bloggers saying why they were amazing. Some said they were amazing because they are fab mums or brill cooks etc. It was all lovely to hear but one thing that stood out to me was how most of the Mums found it extremely hard to say what they were fabulous at and it occurred to me that if someone said to me 'right!...stand there and tell me why you are fabulous!' I would honestly feel so uncomfortable and wouldn't be able to answer. The first words out of my moth as a reply would be 'im not Fabulous!'

After the video had ended I kept thinking about it and why its so difficult for some people to say why they are Fabulous. Low self esteem? Possibly!
While doing my hair I got to thinking about my handsome little Boy. I'm trying to be the best mum I can be while teaching him all the important things in life.....manners, rules, confidence....yep confidence! we all want our children to be confident right?!?! So I thought about a few years time, if a teacher asked him to stand up in front of his class and say why hes fabulous! what if he just stood there and clammed up and couldn't even think of anything! This would make me feel sad and that id failed in making him the confident little man he should be!
Iam always telling him how smart he is and praising him for his manors and nice actions towards people. What if he stood in front of me and asked me 'Mummy what makes you so fabulous?' what would I do?? There is no way i could sit there and say oohhh I'm not fabulous hunny! there is nothing special about your Mummy!. What would that teach him!

So my aim of this post was to find at least 3 things that I'm fabulous at OR make me Fabulous! No matter how long it takes me! So here goes!

1) I'm a fabulous Mum  (I think more of us need to start believing in ourselves as parents)
2) I'm fabulous at creative projects e.g painting, crafting etc
3) I'm fabulous because I'm spontaneous and like to take my family on surprise days out.

My Challenge to you all is to come up with 3 things that you are fabulous at OR make you Fabulous! This isn't just for Parent bloggers! Its for everyone! We all need to be more confident in ourselves and what makes us special! comment below with yours or tweet me on twitter with yours! #mummymessandmagic  #fabme3

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Just vows OR more!

This week we had our appointment with the registrar who is going to marry us. We were told it would be about a 1 hour appointment which made me a little on edge as we had to take Munchkin with us. In the run up so many thoughts began floating around in my head.....what if hes tired and grumpy and cries through the whole thing or tries to run around the office like a looney! discussing vows and entertaining a 3 year old on a hot day for an hour!! I'm getting the sweats just thinking about it!
But Munchkin slept in the car on the way down. Tick!! that was the tiredness sorted! we arrived early so decided to go for a walk around town to bide our time! A gentleman came out of a shop and gave munchkin 2 huge punch balloons for free.....awwww lovely! (except when you are going to be shut in a small office on a hot day with a bored 3 year old and 2 huge punch balloons!)
We had also taken along Munchkins huge mini that opens out as a track with tiny cars inside hoping that this would be enough to keep him entertained.
We went into our appointment like we were moving in! I have no idea what the poor registrar thought about us! I quickly ushered the balloons under one of the desks and opened up Munchkins mini.....and......relax!

The meeting went well and the lady was so lovely! We went through some questions etc and she explained that there are some vows that have to be said by law and some that are more like promises that aren't compulsory. She gave us 5 to choose from in each section (3 sections) and we had to read them and choose which ones we wanted. My eyes were looking at the pages but nothing was going in! except Oh munchkin is quiet.....whats he up to!!, slightly awkward that we have to read and choose now!, Is Andy really reading them or is he doing exactly as i am. 
It was then followed by me thinking SHIT I have to read and choose one! So I turn to Andy and say 'ooooo they are all good.....what do you think babe?' to which he gives a number! brill yep we will go with that!
The registrar then took our choices along with the legal bit and read it all out. It sounded lovely and I even got quite teary.
The registrar then told us how things would go on the day to which munchkin had taken Daddies phone and was sat at the desk the same side as the registrar telling her about Angry birds!! Fair play she was amazing with him and engaged with him.

I read the chosen vows on the way home and the closer we got to home the more it began to feel not right.....our appointment only took 30 mins and we had just ticked boxes that id not even read.
When we got home I had a good read through all of the other options and as lovely as they were I found myself caring so much more about our vows than I thought I would. It then became more than the necessary part in order to get the marriage certificate. I wanted something more.....something more personal!
I explained the way I felt to Andy and he was shocked at how much it had bugged me and agreed that we would make our vows more personal. So today we discussed what was important within out relationship etc So we are working on them as we speak!
I think the reason it started to bug me was a few days ago we found out that a friend of ours had an affair and had planned to leave his wife to be with this other woman but at the last minute he changed his mind but his wife found out. They have been married a while and have 3 children together one of which is a baby under 1. My heart went out to her and I couldn't get it out of my mind! They had stood together and taken vows only a couple of years ago and still he had done this! So I began to realise at first vows may seem a minor yet essential part of your wedding day but in times of trouble you may well look to these vows! So Take the time to make sure your vows say exactly what you want them too.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Childrens Dragonfly Craft

Anyone who knows me knows that I love doing anything crafty and creative so id be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited every time munchkin gets home work as it gives me the extra excuse to get all of the craft box out! Although I have to remind myself that Munchkins homework has to be done by him with a little help from me and that  its not important that its perfect!
He had a letter from school saying they were doing a topic about bugs so they had to make a bug/insect to display on the board in school.
I went through every bug I could think of....spider, snail, ladybird, fly etc....much to my delight he choose Dragonfly! Dragonflies have a very special meaning to me so there are alot of dragonfly decor around our home and in my office! Last summer once a week we would go to this small pond by a picnic area local to us and we would enjoy watching the dragonflies darting around for ages.
Anyways enough of my babble here is how it went & how it turned out!

Here is what I used
  • wooden spoon
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint (doesn't have to be acrylic)
  • wings cut out of card
  • Foil paper (blue & silver)
  • Table craft cloth
  • PVA Glue (forgot to take a pic of this)

First of all we started by painting the wooden spoon in green (obviously you can choose any colours)

Once we finished painting it all we set it aside to dry

We then moved on to the wings. I put PVA glue all over the wings and let munchkin stick on the little squares that id cut up. (try not to cut the squared so small otherwise children will get bored as it will take forever)

Once majority of the wings had been covered I trimmed the pieces that were overlapping the edges.

I forgot to take a picture but I painted the underside of muchkins index finger and got him to wrap that finger around the stick, creating the stripes in blue.

Munchkin nagged to add more sparkle on the dragonflies wings so I asked him to go through the tub of jewels and remove some of the green and blue ones (colour recognition an all :-) He then stuck these on the wings, Did a little bit of finger painting on the head of the dragonfly and popped on some googly eyes.

I decided to use the glue gun to glue the wings on as my PVA doesn't seem very good.
Does anyone know if PVA glue can go off???

So there we are! he has his bug to take into school on Monday morning!